Thursday, March 17, 2011


I don't know about your house, Acrylic, adjunct
But ours is filled with words. Bereft, breakfast
Words on papers                                                Cobbled up, coin
Papers in piles,                                                   Distal, deviltry
Piles piled on piles, splayed fanwise. Eggplant, ego
Words in books,                                                 Fanlight, filter
Books on shelves,                                              Gorgon, gesso
Shelves against every wall. Half a lump, heifer
"It's a library in here!" a visitor said. Indigent, indigo
But those are just the trapped words Juniper, jostled
The pinned down words                                     Kick the can, kola nut
The words we use to start the                                  Liberate, lemonade
Living flow of new words,
"Did you read this? What'd you think?" Mango, mutton chop
A blizzard in here some days. Nightshade--the deadly kind
A swirling braiding river                                    Oboe, oval, Ouagadougou
A river that leads down to the coast Pancake, pestilence
A place on the coast not shown on maps, Quisling, quarknet
A place, no matter how you spell it Ratcheting, rivals
That means just one thing: Sadly, sawing
                                                                 All those Tinker Toys
If you don't know what that is, Unusual uvulas
Go back and listen again, more Veering vapidly
Carefully this time                                              Why? Where? What?
Look it up in the OED Xenophobia
Under L.                                                            Yellowing, yammering

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