Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clear Memory

I've lived in your world long enough,
Heard your version of events--

Tried my hardest to countenance
Them, and failed.

I saw what you meant,
That you meant what you said

To be self-evident, to have one
Possible meaning only.

That your values, as you call them,
Leave no room for any of my

Talents, or efforts, constantly narrowing
The ledge I'm allowed to stand on.

You want the world to be your world,
To stay static on that day you

Understood everything and fixed it in
Your mind.

But it has not stopped still,
It has left you behind.

You want me to remain here with you
As the world goes on, leaves you in

Its wake. I see your loneliness.
You've never been without me.

But I have had to swim away into
The ocean currents on my own,

Paddle away from the ledge you've
Claimed, all the while you've called me

Back: Don't go, you've said, don't
Leave me here.

But I must.
The ledge is gone.

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