Saturday, April 16, 2011


Her Submission                            His Submission

Who does he think                            Who does she think
He is, anyway?                            She is, anyway?
Why does he keep                            To ask him to
Telling her what to                            Account for his
Do every morning,                            Whereabouts, every
Like she doesn't                            Minute of every day
Understand the directions:            And just stand for it.
How to make                                    A man could stand up
Toast, for pity's sake?                    A man could just walk away
To call his mother,                            A man could wander out and
(Like she's ever been                    Never come back.
Anything but nice                            When he leaves here,
To the cranky old thing)                    He wants a strict policy of
As if her love for                            Don't ask, don't tell,
Him could be boiled                    And then he could relax.
Down to "Love me,                            Relax enough to come home
Do what I tell you to do" or            And report the
"Love me, be how                            Headlines, if not
I want you to be."                            Every bead in between
Isn't the point that she                    He's here, isn't he?
Loves him?                                    If she could just wait
That she doesn't always                    One goddamned minute
Do what he says, but                    Until he brings it up
Stays here to hear him                    Himself,
Ask again.                                    He'd tell her.

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