Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to the Dawn

Wake up early every morning
It's back to the dawn.
Leave the house in darkness
Walk the many blocks
Between the nest and the wide world
With my back to the dawn.
Deposit my most precious cargo
In the think-tank,
The sink-or-swim popularity factory
And then go on my way
Back to the dawn.
But today I go the other way
Scarlet sunburn behind
Tangled black roots
That are oaks without leaves in December
Trunks in blood
Twig tips in muted rose
I'm no longer
Back to the dawn
But full frontal
Face to face with the searing red evidence of the
Embarrassment the universe feels
For our petty aims and well-laid plans
And my own gory pump
Bangs around in my chest
Electrified and glory-filled
Happy to witness color drained of content
I'm back to the dawn.

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